Privates, Marching Order 1893

The men in this photo are of the 1st Battalion, at Wellington Barracks c1893. The uniforms are as for Review Order; scarlet tunics with blue facings, white piping and grenade badges. The evenly spaced buttons and white plume on the left side of their bearskins confirm that they are Grenadier Guards. The valise equipment is the Slade Wallace type that replaced the former equipment in 1888. Because they were stationed in London they received this new issue first. Photos of men of the 3rd Battalion c1891 show them still using the 1882 equipment. The man in the middle shows the back of the valise, carried high on the back, and the in the middle of it. The greatcoat is rolled up and strapped to the waist, with the mess tins covered in a black japanned canvas case. This is secured by a strap attached to the braces at the back that went around under the greatcoat roll.

The thin straps across their chests are for the round-shaped enamelled water-bottle, on the right hip, and the wider strap is for the canvas haversack on the left hip. The empty haversack is folded neatly here but on exercise it would carry food. The rifles are the Lee Metford magazine bolt action firearm that fired .303 smokeless cartridges, issued in 1890. The boots have black gaiters with the trousers tucked in. In Review Order the gaiters were not worn.

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by Stephen Luscombe