Colour Sergeant, Undress 1894

The rank and appointment designations on undress uniforms are quite confusing in the Guards regiments. This NCO wears the white drill jacket that was retained by the Guards and Highland regiments long after it had been discontinued in the other line infantry regiments. He is a high ranking sergeant, but not high enough to put him in Warrant Officer class. Ranks above Colour Sergeant wore a scarlet undress tunic. The sergeants of the Grenadier Guards wore, and still do, an embroidered grenade badge over the stripes. Above the grenade are crossed flags because he is an Assistant Instructor of Signalling. The crossed swords and crown badges are worn by Colour Sergeants in undress. The pillbox cap was worn by ranks below Warrant Officer. The cap band for sergeants was gold. Ranks below sergeant had red cap bands. His gilt cap badge had Queen Victoria's cypher on the round grenade.

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