Pioneer Sergeant c1897

Pioneer Sergeant Ambrose of the 2nd Battalion is dressed in marching order. His badge is difficult to see at this angle but consists of crossed axes above the gold chevrons, with an embroidered grenade badge above the axes. His tunic is 2nd Class sergeants' style with gold on the cuff flap and gold grenade badges on the collar. Pioneers did not carry rifles and did not have ammunition pouches on the front of their Slade Wallace valise equipment, or a bayonet on the back. The pioneers under his command would have a variety of frogs to carry different tools on their belt. The absence of pouches gives us the opportunity to see how the shoulder straps attach to the waist-belt at the front. Pioneers in the British Army were given permission to grow beards in 1856, but it was not obligatory to have a beard.

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by Stephen Luscombe