Private, Marching Order 1914

The artist D MacPherson made a series of coloured prints in 1914 and 1925 to show the various forms of dress of the Grenadier Guards. This figure shows full dress, marching order but instead of the bearskin he has the peaked forage cap which had been recently adopted following the less popular peakless cap. The cap worn here proved so popular that it lasted more than 100 years and is still in use today. His rank of private did not change to Guardsman until after WW1. He is a veteran with three good-conduct, long service stripes on his left fore-arm. These are slimmer than rank chevrons which would only be worn on the upper right arm. He has medals for the Boer War so the stripes could each represent 5 years service. His Slade Wallace equipment is supplemented by webbing straps to hold a webbing haversack and a water-bottle.

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by Stephen Luscombe