Sergeant and Private, Undress 1914

The white drill jacket was only worn in the Guards and Highland regiments after 1830, and only by men below the rank of Warrant Officer and Staff Sergeant. It was made of thick felted wool, and kept clean with dry pipe clay. In 1907 there was a new pattern issued but by 1914 they were put into store for the duration of World War One. They were used unofficially after the war, at the Royal Tournament and Aldershot Tattoo, but by 1933 it had fallen from favour and was not worn again. The sergeants' chevrons were white on a red ground, and the grenade badge had a blue edge as well as the red ground. The private has two stripes for long service and good conduct. His medal ribbons include Boer War medals. The forage caps show the difference in peaks for the two ranks.

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by Stephen Luscombe