Drummer 1914

Macpherson's painting of a drummer shows us the back of the uniform when in ceremonial or guard order. The valise that was carried high on the back at the end of the 19th century has been replaced by the neatly folded greatcoat, held in place by three white leather straps. The brass valise badge was retained and positioned in the middle of the greatcoat. At the back of his waist is the rolled cape, worn in wet weather to protect the uniform. The extra lengths of straps are rolled up. His copper bugle has the cords and tassels in royal colours of blue yellow and red. The fife is kept in a white leather case which is just visible, on the front of his waist-belt. The drummers sword is also just visible on his left side, and has a white metal tip like the one worn by the bandsman of 1914. Also of interest is the footwear of both the drummer and the bandsman; they do not wear the heavy ammunition boots adopted latterly by the Guards, and other units, to create the familiar parade ground noise when hundreds of soldiers stamp in unison.

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by Stephen Luscombe