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Frederick Rudolph Lambart, 10th Earl of Cavan was a popular officer in the Grenadier Guards who was appointed as the first commander of the newly formed Guards Division in August 1915. On 22nd Dec 1915 he was promoted to command a corps and replaced by Major-General Geoffrey Fielding. He took his troops to Italy and was in command at the battle of Vittorio Veneto which was a decisive victory and ended the involvement of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in WW1. After the Great War Lord Cavan advised the Government on the implementation of the Geddes report, which advocated a large reduction in defence expenditure, and he officiated over a major reduction in the size of the British Army. He was married twice; his first wife died in 1920, they had no children. His second wife was the daughter of the Earl of Strafford and the niece of Field Marshal Byng. They had two daughters, and because there was no son to inherit the title it went to his brother Horace.

1865 Born 16 Oct in Hertfordshire
1885 Commissioned into Grenadier Guards 29 Aug
1887 Became Viscount Kilcoursie
1891 ADC to Governor of Canada
1893 Married his first wife Caroline Inez Crawley
1897 Captain 16 Oct
1900 Commanded Company in Boer War. Biddulphsberg
1900 Succeeded his father to be 10th Earl of Cavan
1902 Major 28 Oct
1905 Second in command 2nd Battalion. July
1908 Lieut-Colonel commanding 2nd Battalion 14 Feb
1911 Colonel 4 Oct
1913 Retired from the Army 8 Nov
1914 Recalled and appointed to command 4th Guards Brigade 11 Aug
1914 Oct First Battle of Ypres. Oct
1915 CB. 18 Feb
1915 Led his Brigade at Festubert. May
1915 Major-General in command of 50th Division. June
1915 Given command of the new Guards Division. Aug
1915 The last representative peer from Ireland 24 Sep
1916 Commanded XIV Corps. Jan
1917 Lieutenant-General 1 Jan
1917 Redeployed his Corps in Italy. Oct
1918 Commander-in-Chief of forces in Italy 10 Mar
1918 Led is army in the decisive Battle of Vittorio Veneto
1920 Lieutenant of the Tower of London 22 Mar
1920 ADC to the King 1 Oct
1920 GOC Aldershot 2 Nov
1920 First wife Caroline dies
1921 General 2 Nov
1922 Chief of the Imperial General Staff 19 Feb
1922 Married his second wife Lady Hestor Joan Byng
1925 Colonel of the Irish Guards 23 May
1926 Retired from the Army once more 19 Feb
1928 Colonel of the Beds and Herts Reg 10 Dec
1929 Captain of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms 23 July
1932 Field Marshal 31 Oct
1936 Took part in King George V's funeral. Jan
1937 Commanded troops at coronation of King George VI. 12 May
1939 In WW2 he commanded the Hertfordshire Local Defence Volunteers
1946 Died in London 28 Aug

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