Officer's Tunic

The cuffs on the officers' tunics are embroidered with scallop edged gold wire called purl. The button loops are formed with raised lozenge shapes which together with the buttons give the appearance of grenade badges. The Dress Regulations of 1900 lay down the measurements of the cuff flap as 6 inches long at the seam, 6.75in long at the points. 2.75in wide at the narrowest part, with the width at the bottom point 3.5in, the middle point 3.25in and the top point 3.75in. The blue cloth cuff itself is 3.25 inches deep with two rows of purl embroidery and edged with white cloth.

The tunic is fastened down the front with 9 buttons equally spaced. The first 8 buttons are gilt but the lowest button is flat and concealed under the gold and crimson silk waist-sash which is worn on State occasions. The aiguilettes are not normally worn by officers unless they are acting in the capacity of ADC.

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