Lt-General George Hay Moncrieff VD

This photo shows Moncrieff in the uniform of the Royal Scots with the rank of Colonel showing on his shoulders. He was born on 22nd Aug 1836, the son of General George Moncrieff who was the commanding officer of the Scots Fusilier Guards. He was commissioned into the Royal Scots but exchanged to his father's regiment in the same year. He served in the Guards during the Crimean War from May 1955. He was at the siege and fall of Sevastopol and earned the two Crimean medals. He was a captain in 1862, a major in 1879 and a Lt-Col in 1881 in which year he was appointed commanding officer of the Scots Guards. He held this post until 1886 and the following year was Assistant Military Secretary at Horse Guards, up to 1890. From 1890 to 91 he commanded the Curragh Brigade and the Dublin District from 1891 to 95.

The third medal worn by Moncrieff is the VD, Volunteer Decoration, with a green ribbon. This medal was instituted in 1892, awarded for 20 years service as a commissioned officer in the volunteer force. He was a Lieut-General when he was appointed Colonel of the Royal Scots in 1903. He died on 15th Oct 1918.

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by Stephen Luscombe