Drummer 1792

The coat of the 3rd Guards drummer in this print by Dayes is basically red faced blue but has distinctive lace; blue with yellow fleur-de-lys and edged white. The buttons and loops are spaced in threes. The drum carriage is laced with a double row of the same pattern lace, also a strap slung from the left shoulder. This probably holds a bugle. The drummers of the other two Guards regiments wore white belts like the men, crossing on the chest with a belt-plate, but the 3rd Guards drummers did not have them. I cannot say if they wore a sword or not.

The fur cap followed the style of the grenadier companies and had black fur with a white metal cap-plate in front. The tassels on the right side were white but the plume, unusually, was red.

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by Stephen Luscombe