Bugleman, Light Company 1828

Light Companies were added to the regiment in 1793 and the drummers from those companies were converted to buglers. The bugle sound carried further than the drum, this was necessary because the men of the light companies were more spread out than in the battalion companies.

The green plume was worn by the light companies while battalion companies had a white over red plume. The shako reached it's tallest height at the end of the 1820s and was reduced in 1830, shortly before the whole regiment took on the bearskin. The brass badge is the star of the Order of the Thistle. This is repeated on the rectangular belt-plate on the white leather sword belt. He does not have a pouch belt on the other shoulder like the rest of the men.

His coat has the Guards lace which is now white with blue fleur-de-lys along its length. The lace is grouped in threes on the front of the coat. The sleeves have white tufted fringes below each lace chevron, this was a distinction of the 3rd Guards. There is a similar fringe on the edge of his shoulder wings. These wings are coloured red in the print but are more likely to have been blue. This throws into question the colouring of the cuff flaps which are shown as blue here but should be red. The collar and cuffs are bright blue but should be much darker.

The strings of his bugle, or trumpet, are green. He carries knapsack and rolled greatcoat on his back, and wears white summer trousers.

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