George Gordon, 5th Duke of Gordon

A famous painting by George Sanders entitled Cock o the North. George Gordon was born in 1770. He served in the Scots Guards early in his career and went to Flanders from 1793-4. He raised the 92nd Highlanders and was their first colonel for 10 years. The regiment became the Gordon Highlanders in 1881. He was Colonel of the following regiments:

3rd May 1796 - 2nd Jan 1806 92nd Highlanders
3rd Jan 1806 - 28th Jan 1820 42nd Highlanders
29th Jan 1820 - 11th Dec 1834 1st Royal Regiment
12th Dec 1834 - 29th May 1836 Scots Guards

He was promoted to Lieut-General in 1808 and to General in 1819. He commanded a division at Walcheren in 1809. He was also a freemason, being the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. He was also the MP for Eye in 1806. He died in May 1836.

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