Superintendent Henry Larsen

When he was a sergeant, Henry Absjorn Larsen commanded an RCMP Arctic supply ship called the St Roch. In 1940 the St Roch sailed from Vancouver travelling east, and arrived in Halifax in late 1942 via the North West Passage. She was the first vessel to accomplish this. Larsen commanded again for the 7,295 mile return journey in 1944. He did it in 86 days. The St Roch is preserved in the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Larsen's medals include the Atlantic and Pacific Stars and the Polar Medal with white ribbon and two bars. His uniform is the officer's scarlet serge with all-blue collar and blue cuffs. His belt is gold with purple stripe and gilt waistbelt plate and his cap is blue with yellow capband and gilt embroidered peak.

Regimental details

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