HMS Minotaur, 1868

ClassMinataur Class Ironclad Battleship
Sister ShipHMS Agincourt and HMS Northumberland
Speed14.3 Knots
Complement705 - 800
Length407 ft
Weight10,690 tons
Armament1868:Four 9-inch muzzle-loading rifles
Twenty-four 7-inch muzzle-loading rifles
Eight 24-pounder smoothbore

1875:Seventeen 9-inch muzzle-loading rifles
Two 20-pounder smoothbore

StationsChannel Squadron 1867 - 1873, 1875 - 1887
Reserve Squadron 1887 - 1893
FateIn 1893 HMS Minotaur was re-named HMS Boscawen II and used as a training ship at Portland; from 1905 to 1922 she took the role of training ship at Harwich under the name of HMS Ganges before being broken up 1922
NotesThe World's Second Iron battleship. Provoked Charles Dickens to make the following quote about her: 'A black vicious ugly customer as ever I saw, whale-like in size, and with as terrible a row of incisor teeth as ever closed on a French frigate'

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