HMS Monarch, 1883

TypeMasted Turret Ship
Speed14.9 Knots
Weight8,332 tons
Dimensions330 feet long, 57.5 foot beam, 24.2 foot draught
Armament2 x 12 inch turrets, 3 x 7 inch Muzzle Loading Rifles
FateFrom 1897 she was Simon's Bay's Guardship. In 1904 she became the depot ship Simoom. In 1906 she was sold off.
NotesHMS Monarch was the first seagoing turret ship and the fastest ship of her day. She took part in the Bombardment of Alexandria in 1882. In 1885, she broke down at sea and had to be towed back to Malta for repairs. She was sent back to England where she underwent a a major modernisation scheme from 1890 - 1897.

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by Stephen Luscombe