HMS Temeraire, 1878

ClassIronclad (Barbette)
Speed14.7 Knots
Weight8,540 tons
Dimensions285 feet long, 62 foot beam, 27 foot draught
Armament4 x 11 inch guns, 4 x 10 inch guns
FateShe was paid off in 1901, but she still had a varied career left for her. In 1902 she became a depot ship. In 1904 she was renamed Indus II and became a training ship. In 1915, she was renamed again as the Akbar and became a reformatory ship. She was finally sold off in 1921.
NotesHMS Temeraire was the Royal Navy's first Barbette ironclad. She saw action at Alexandria in 1882, when she silenced Fort Mex and helped attack Fort Pharos and Fort Moncrieff. One of her landing parties also saw action at Tel-el-Kebir and at Khartoum.

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by Stephen Luscombe