Chestnut Troop, India 1896

The Chestnut Troop parade at Umballa in Northern India under the command of Major H V Cowan. This photo was published in the Navy & Army Illustrated 7 Aug 1896. Each sub-division is made up of a gun and limber with six horses and 3 drivers. Behind them appears to be an ammunition wagon drawn by four horses and two drivers with two men on the wagon. Next to each lead horse of the gun team are eight mounted men, with an extra 20 or so mounted men on the right of the picture and various others in the rear or on the left. The officers are out in front, identified by their gold laced pouch-belts. All ranks are wearing blue undress frocks and white helmets. It is unlikely that they managed to find enough chestnut horses to supply the whole Troop.

Regimental Details

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by Stephen Luscombe