Officers of Q & T Batteries

This group of officers of two RHA batteries was taken before embarkation to South Africa in 1899. The officer seated in the middle is Brevet Colonel Alexander Nelson Rochfort commander of a Brigade Division, who was present at Sanna's Post and wounded. The battery commanders sit on either side of him; on his right hand is Major Phipps-Hornby of Q Battery, and on his left hand is Major F B Lecky of T Battery. The other officers are not named but must include Captain G Humphreys. The officers wounded at Sanna’s Post were Lt E B Ashmore, Lt H R Peck, Lt D J Murch and Lt J K Walsh, Tasmanian Artillery (attached). Ashmore and Peck were officers from Q Battery, the others may well have been from either T or U Battery as the three batteries were temporarily amalgamated and formed into two six-gun batteries; Q and U.

Regimental Details

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by Stephen Luscombe