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Beyond the Reef: A Story of the Solomon Islands

by John David Bee

Courtesy of OSPA

Review by Anthony Kirk-Greene (N Nigeria 1950-66)
Islands of Solomon. Islands of gold... where the cry of the gull and the chant of fearsome men in war canoes harmonize with the endless wash of the sea and the moan of the wind.

Alvaro de Mandana discovers the islands of free love and eternal youth . . . Christian missionaries attempt to exorcise the ancestral tambu devils and implant, in their stead, the word of God.

Lieutenant Akira Hideyoshi's Zero explodes over the Island of Malaita. Parachuting to the beach near the village of Mala'avu, he must fight the superstitions of Solomon Ratasia - the custom priest, in his struggle to survive.

Allan Brunskill, a British district officer, is a relic in the twilight of the Colonial era protecting the rights of the devil worshippers, hunting the man-eating crocodile of the Ore Ore River, winning the respect of Solomon Ratasia and unearthing the secret of Hideyoshi's murder. Kayoko, Hideyoshi's orphaned daughter, comes to Malaita to recover her father's remains. She falls in love with Brunskill. Together they enjoy a tropical fantasy, become engaged, - and much, much more.

British Empire Book
John David Bee
Vantage Press


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