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The Governor's Lady: Entertainment And Recipes At Government House, The Cayman Islands

by Joan Hall Scott

Courtesy of OSPA

Peter Moss (Malaysia 1957-65, Hong Kong 1965 - )
Seated in the Daimler limousine, en route to her husband's swearing-in ceremony, Joan Scott was startled when a lorry drew up alongside and a young man burst towards her from the open cab window. "You are the new Governor's Lady!" he shouted, "Welcome to Cayman!". It was a typically warm, if unconventional, introduction to Cayman and her new role as the "Governor's Lady".

Alan Scott, CVO, CBE, governed Cayman from 1987 to 1992. While he administered, his wife organized entertaining based on a wide-ranging culinary repertoire - drawn from her life in Philadelphia, Morocco, Eiji, Greece, Italy and Hong Kong. Monthly garden parties at Government House received up to a thousand guests. Cocktail parties generally numbered 250, buffets catered to 60 guests and silver service dinners 18. But the ceremonial "Big Hats" aspects of her role came second to what she saw as her "Combat Boots" activities, where she became closely and effectively involved in anti-drug campaigning and the establishment of the National Trust. As Tom Russell, CMG, CBE (Governor of Cayman 1974-82) says: "The book illustrates the role of the wife of a Colonial Governor and her support of his assignment ... a valuable addition to existing records by women who contributed so much to Britain's Colonial heritage".

Joan Scott's entertaining "Memoir", filled with humour and perceptive social commentary, shows that she was indeed more than the conventional Governor's Lady. In part two, she rewards our palates with 196 superbly illustrated recipes ranging from Cayman Conch Chowder to Fijian Kokoda, Rajasthani Rogan Josh and Cantonese Garlic Chilli Prawns.

The Governor's Lady, sumptuously produced, is spiced with piquant flavours, savoury anecdotes and serendipitous sorties into little-known facts and unusual recipes. The author's refreshing style reflects a native Pennsylvanian directness that sometimes surprises the reader as much as that unconventional greeting startled her on arrival in Cayman.

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