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The Twentieth Century

The Oxford History of The British Empire: Volume 4

EditorJudith Brown & William Roger Louis
First Published1999
ISBN No.0198205643

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Chapter 1Wm. Roger LouisIntroduction
Chapter 2Ronald HyamThe British Empire in the Edwardian Era
Chapter 3John DarwinA Third British Empire? The Dominion Idea in Imperial Politics
Chapter 4D. K. FieldhouseThe Metropolitan Economics of Empire
Chapter 5Robert HollandThe British Empire and the Great War, 1914 - 1918
Chapter 6Deirdre McMahonIreland and the Empire-Commonwealth, 1900 - 1948
Chapter 7Stephen ConstantineMigrants and Settlers
Chapter 8Nicholas OwenCritics of Empire in Britain
Chapter 9John M MacKenzieThe Popular Culture of Empire in Britain
Chapter 10John W CellColonial Rule
Chapter 11Ronald HyamBureaucracy and 'Trusteeship' in the Colonial Empire
Chapter 12Anthony Clayton'Deceptive Might': Imperial Defence and Security, 1900 - 1968
Chapter 13Keith JefferyThe Second Wolr War
Chapter 14Wm. Roger LouisThe Dissolution of The British Empire
Chapter 15B. R. TomlinsonImperialism and After: The Economy of the Empire on the Periphery
Chapter 16Rosalind O'HanlonGender in The British Empire
Chapter 17Francis RobinsonThe British Empire and the Muslim World
Chapter 18Judith M. BrownIndia
Chapter 19S. R. AshtonCeylon
Chapter 20A. J. StockwellImperialism and Nationalism in South-East Asia
Chapter 21Glen Balfour-PaulBritain's Informal Empire in the Middle East
Chapter 22Toyin Falola and A. D. RobertsWest Africa
Chapter 23John LonsdaleEast Africa
Chapter 24Shula MarksSouthern Africa
Chapter 25David MacKenzieCanada, the North Atlantic Triangle, and the Empire
Chapter 26Howard JohnsonThe British Caribbean from Demobilization to Constitutional Decolonization
Chapter 27Alan KnightLatin America
Chapter 28Jurgen OsterhammelChina
Chapter 29W. David McIntyreAustralia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands
Chapter 30W. David McIntyreCommonwealth Legacy
Chapter 31Judith BrownEpilogue

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