British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'R'

Race, Tea and Colonial Resettlement: Imperial Families, Interrupted by McCabe, Jane
A Railway Runs Through: Goans of British East Africa 1865 - 1980 by Carvalho, Selma
Rainbow Through the Rain by Mowat, Geoffrey Scott
The Rains Came by Bromfield, Louis
Raj: The Making and Unmaking of British India by James, Lawrence
The Raj at War: A People's History of India's Second World War by Khan, Yasmin
The Real Paradise: Memories of Africa 1950-1963 by Davidson, Ann
Rebels against the Raj: Western Fighters for India’s Freedom by Guha, Ramachandra
The Reckoning: How the Killing of One Man Changed the Fate of the Promised Land by Bishop, Patrick
Reckoning With The Force: Stories of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in the 1950s by Godfrey, David
The Red Fort by Leasor, James
The Red Pelican by Arensen, Jon
Remnants of Empire: Memory and Northern Rhodesia's White Diaspora by Shurmer-Smith, Pamela
Remote Corners - A Sierra Leone Memoir by Mitchell, Harry
Representing Sindh: Images of the British Encounter by Raza, Rosemary
Retired Except on Demand: The Life of Dr. Cicely Williams by Craddock, Sally
Retreat from Africa by Mullins, Patrick
Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan 1839-1842 by Dalrymple, William
Revolt of the Ministers: The Malawi Cabinet Crisis 1964-1965 by Baker, Colin
Ribbons Among the Rajahs: A History of British Women in India Before the Raj by Wheeler, Patrick
A Right Honourable Gentleman: Abubakar From The Black Rock by Clark, Trevor
Ring of Fire: Australian S.O.E.Operations Against Japan in World War II by Horton, Dick
Ringing The Changes : A Memoir by Luce, Richard
The Road to Kabul by Robson, Brian
Roads To Nowhere: A South Arabian Odyssey, 1960-1965 by Harding, John
Roger Casement: Imperialist, Rebel, Revolutionary by Siochain, Seamas O
The Roots of Ireland's Troubles by Stedall, Robert
A Rough Passage: Memories of Empire - Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Barnes, Ken
A Roving Scot by Hutton, Douglas
The Royal Navy 1793 - 1800 by Jessop, Mark
The Royal Navy at Malta, 1865 - 1906 by Ellis, Richard and Lt Cdr Warlow, Ben
The Royal Navy in Focus, 1940 - 1949 by Critchley, Michael
The Royal Overseas League: From Empire Into Commonwealth, A History Of The First 100 Years edited by Smith, Adele
Rungli-Rungliot (Thus far and no further) by Godden, Rumer
Running The Show: Governors Of The British Empire 1957-1912 by Williams, Stephanie


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