Arab Rebellion, 1936

With Hitler's rise, the Jewish National Home strode towards statehood. Between 1933 and 1936, more than 134,500 refugees from Nazism poured into Palestine . carrying visas from Britain. Thousands more entered Illegally. To Arab nationalists, the influx was intolerable. They demanded that Britain end Immigration entirely, Britain went no further than to reduce the number of visas; but Illegal entries swelled.

For years, both Jews and Arabs had agitated for self~ overnment. Now Westminster tried to evolve a representative council which would please both sides. It satisfied neither. While London debated, the Arabs called a national strike. In April, 1936, Muslim insurgents began to attack Jews, British and fellow-Muslims who refused to join them. They uprooted orange grooves, wrecked roads and railways and slashed the oil pipeline to Haifa. By October, when the violence came to an end, 305 people had been killed and over 1,000 injured.

This photograph shows British troops dynamiting Arab positions in Jaffa.

Palestine: Britain's Crown of Thorns

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by Stephen Luscombe