Argentinian Stamp showing Falkland Islands, 1936

This 1936 stamp is the first official Argentinian stamp to clearly show the Falkland Islands as being considered as part of Argentina. It was issued partly as retaliation for a 1933 Falkland Islands Issue of stamps celebrating the Centenary of British control of the islands. Official maps had previously shown the Malvinas Islands as being Argentinian, but this is the first time that it was recorded on a stamp. It lead to a diplomatic row with Britain as the stamp was registered with the International Postal Union and conferred some sense of diplomatic legitimacy to their claims. One Falkland Islander, Reverend D. Morse-Boycott, complained to the Colonial Office of the 'chocolate annexation' of the islands due to the colour used on the stamp. The British government refused to issue a formal complaint to the postal union as it did not wish to add further legitimacy to the claims as it felt that British Sovereignty was non-negotiable. It would become a common-place tactic for the Argentinians to issue more and more stamps showing the Malvinas as Argentinian as the below example from 1982 shows:

Falkland Islands

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by Stephen Luscombe