Dorothy Henrietta Boulger

Dorothy Henrietta Boulger [nee Havers] was a Victorian author who spent much of her childhood in the Falkland Islands. She was the daughter of Thomas Havers who went to work on the islands as a manager from 1854 to 1861. They then moved to Montevideo. She was the sister of the well known Victorian artist Alice Mary Havers (later Morgan). Dorothy went on to be a prolific writer of fiction often writing under the name Theo Gift. Two of her books from the 1890s were actually set in the Falkland Islands themselves. The Little Colonists (1890) and An Island Princess (1893). They gave a vivid portrayal of the isolated lifestyle of the English settlers there, as well as careful descriptions of landscape and flora. However she did not evade controversial topics such as serious alcoholism or over-zealous missionaries, and above all the stories celebrate practical, self-sufficient, confident, and independent-minded young women.

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