Blue Ensign, 1925 - 1948

In 1925, the cow was replaced by a seal as the coat of arms was redesigned. Seals had played a major role in the economy in the previous century, but were no longer economically important. It was felt that a sheep would make a better symbol as it had become the dominant industry of the islands. The Desire still makes its appearance but it is obscured. It is needed though as it helped provide the motto for the colony; Desire the Right. This could hint at the contested nature of the status of the islands and the desire for the locals to choose their allegiance and sovereignty. It would prove a useful motto in years to come. It should be noted that the Admiralty did not update its official books until 1937 and so it may not have been used until then. This would have been the flag used during World War Two.

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by Stephen Luscombe