Sir Gerald Hallen Creasy

Gerald Hallen Creasy was Governor of the Gold Coast when a key event towards independence occurred: The Christiansborg Crossroads Shooting Incident. This was an event where Gold Coast ex-servicemen were fired upon by colonial police whilst marching to petition Sir Gerald Hallen Creasy over gratuities for service during the Second World War.

On Saturday, 28 February 1948 a number of unarmed Ex-servicemen marched from Accra to Christiansborg Castle to present their petition to the Governor and the Commander-in-Chief. They were intercepted at the Christiansborg Crossroads by a contingent of armed policemen led by British Superintendent, Mr Imray. He ordered the Ex-servicemen to disperse; but when his orders were disobeyed, he gave another order to the police to open fire. The police hesitated in opening fire prompting Mr Imray to shoot and kill three ex-servicemen.

News of the event prompted widespread disorder and distaste at the British administration. It led directly to the formation of a committee to investigate the killings and general disorder. It later advised that independence should be covered. Thus transforming this isolated incident into a pivotal moment on the road to independence for Ghana.

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by Stephen Luscombe