Humphrey Gilbert

Humphrey Gilbert was given the task of trying to pacify Ireland during the reign of Elizabeth. Her father, Henry, had granted himself the title of King of Ireland but the reality on the ground could not be further from the truth. It was left to Elizabeth to try and turn these claims into reality and she turned to soldiers like Humphrey Gilbert to aid her in the pacification of Ireland. From 1862 he spent three years efficiently subduing Irish rebels. This brought him promotion and a knighthood, but he found the duty distasteful, expensive and unproductive. Several times he left, but was sent back because of his initial successes. He realised that harsh subjugation of the Irish was not the way to establish a permanent peace. He was instrumental in attempting to establish permanent plantations at Offaly and Laois. Although fiercely resisted and leading to rebellion, these plantations were an attempt to provide an alternative to violent subjagation to pacify the lands for his queen.

He would later be famous for his exploits as an explorer.

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