Cigarette Cards

Colonel Colquitt and the Live Shell The General Advance at Waterloo
Napoleon Leaving his Carriage
The Flight from Waterloo The Meeting of Wellington and Blucher
Wellington Writing his Waterloo Despatch
Napoleon at Cherleroi after his Defeat Napoleon Boarding H.M.S. "Bellerophon"
Napoleon at St. Helena
Battle of Waterloo, Plan 1 Battle of Waterloo, Plan 2
Centre of Wellington's Gold Shield
The Waterloo Medal Tomb of Napoleon, Paris
Apsley House, Hyde Park Corner
The Wellington Monument, St. Paul's A Military Baggage Wagon
The Island of Elba
The Well and Farm, Hougomont Farm at Hougomont
Farm of La Haye Saint
La Belle Alliance Mont St. Jean
Church at Waterloo
St. Helena The Monuments, Waterloo

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