• Historic Newspapers
      I've written a full review on the historical newspapers that can be ordered from this website. They have titles which go back over two centuries and they are actually the genuine newspapers and not just copies or facsimiles.
  • Internet Library of Early Journals
      This is an outstandingly useful site for the imperial historian. It is a collection of journals from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These include Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine', 'Gentleman's Magazine', Notes and Queries and 'Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society'. The texts are completely searchable which means that you can use this site to find primary evidence about all sorts of contemporary reporting, attitudes and ideas of imperial related events.
  • History Today
      A site produced by the British Historical magazine called History Today. The site is very well put together and maintained. Although a general history site, it has plenty of good quality information relating to British Imperialism. I particularly like the search machine which searches previously written articles. Well worth a visit.
  • Savage And Soldier
      An ambitious project to turn all the past issues of Savage and Soldier to a HTML format. The results so far are some excellent articles complete with maps and pictures of colonial engagements.
  • The Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History
      An online academic journal with some seriously heavy duty articles on the history of these former colonies. The articles may be too academic for some, but they do cover some important imperial titles. This is a nicely designed site that will be of interest to the serious student and scholar of the Empire.

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