• Badges of the British Navy
      A site dedicated to the various ship badges that have been used by ships over the ages. They have become quite iconic in their own right, but often have a history behind the images and mottoes.
  • Broadside
      This is a set of pages dedicated to giving information and details about the Royal Navy in the Eighteenth Century. Good quality information and some innovative graphics make this an interesting and informative set of pages to visit.
  • The Journal of Aaron Thomas
      This is an excellent internet resource published out of the University of Miami. It presents a two-year journal kept by a Royal Navy officer in the West Indies in 1798 aboard The Lapwing. His daily accounts of shipboard life on a Royal Naval ship in time of war is full of interesting asides such as the fact that there were an average of 3 floggings every two weeks, men continually being drunk and held in irons, how prize ships were shared out, and the less than salubrious activities of women on board. For those interested in maritime history this site is definitely worth a visit.
  • National Maritime Museum
      This site has improved massively in recent history. You can now search the catalogues and databases held at the museum before you even go there. It has a particularly good database allowing you to find images of ships. There is also excellent information on how to conduct any kind of maritime related research. All in all, this is an essential port of call for the maritime historian.
  • Stephen Johnson's Pages
      A rich mine for images and information. This site is full of original photographs and prints of ships of the Royal Navy (although plenty of other topics slip into these voluminous pages.) A great site for military and nautical historians.
  • World War I Naval Combat
      A site detailing the actions between the British and German fleets during The Great War. It has some good photos and useful commentaries of the battles.
  • Naval Military Press
      A seriously dangerous site for the military historian with a weakness for books. An excellent source of reference materials on the military aspects of the British Empire, it not only has books about the era but from the era too.

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