Borneo Confrontation, c1963

These are photographs from Exeter Legionary Wargames Show in 2016. They show an RAF Argosy dropping supplies to a remote Gurkha FLB along the Borneo and Indonesian border c1963. The Indonesians could appear from any of the 4 sides. The Gurkhas have eight troops in and around their FLB and another four in the nearby village. They also have an HMG in the main bunker and a radio operator is their link to the outside world.

The Borneo Battlefield RAF Argosy making Supply Drop
Gurkha FLB
Iban Tracker in Village Aerial View
Indonesian Paratrooper Infiltration Begins
Indonesian Commander directs Attack from East Indonesian NCO directs attack from West
Air Drops Continue
Gurkhas Hear Claymore Explode Sergeant Orders Radio Operator to Request Backup
Trooper Reports Claymore Exploding From West this Time
More Paratroopers Arrive Indonesians Open Up on Gurkhas who Hit the Ground
Supplies Keep Dropping
The Dump Becomes the Focus of the Action Attack from the West Begins
Intensity of Indonesian Fire Increases
4 Man British Patrol Arrives to Help Gurkhas 2 Gurkhas from Village Pull Back to Aid FLB
Iban Tracker Also Returns
Indonesians on West Flank Caught in Crossfire FLB Fire Directed Eastwards
HMG in Bunker Opens Up on Treeline
Remaining Gurkhas in Village Report Another Claymore Exploding Northwards
Crossfire, HMG and Grenades Blunt Indonesian Eastern Attack Pincer Attack on British involved in Firefight
Disaster for Gurkhas as they Concentrate on East Attack
Indonesian NCO (from Westwards) shoots Gurkha Sergeant in the Back!
Indonesian Bazooka Begins Firing on Bunker - From Close Range! Desperate Hand-to-Hand Fighting on the Eastern Flank
One British Soldier Killed!
Gurkha HMG and Radio Operator Feel Vibrations of Rocket Hits on their Bunker
Gurkhas Redeploy from East Flank to West Grenades Start Flying - in Both Directions
British in East Gradually Gain Upper-Hand
In Their Desperate Hand-to-Hand Struggle
Indonesian NCO Finally Taken Out by Gurkhas Third Strike on Bunker forces Gurkhas Out of the Structure
But by now, there is not enough Indonesian Infantry left to Follow - Up
Leaderless, the Surviving Indonesians Slip Back into the Jungle
Unsuccessful in their Mission - This Time


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by Stephen Luscombe