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Rt Rev Dr John Miller Strachan

Rt Rev Dr John Miller Strachan (b. 1832), born Barnsley, Yorkshire, the son of a Wesleyan preacher. St Augustine's College, Canterbury and King's College, London. Edinburgh University MD (Gold Medallist). Ordained 1861. SPG Missionary, Madras: Idaiyangudi 1861-64. Ramnad 1862, 1865-66. Leave 1867. Nazareth 1873-74. Madras, Secretary of the SPG Madras Diocesan Committee (MDC) 1874-79 [It was after Strachan's departure that Caldwell's difficulties with the MDC arose]. Leave 1880. Resigned 1882 on being consecrated in Lambeth Palace chapel as the second bishop of Rangoon, Burma.

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