Sir Charles Dilke

Place of BirthChelsea

Sir Charles Dilke presents rather an interesting nineteenth century political figure. He was one of the rare breed known as radical imperialists. As a young man he travelled widely through Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US. These travels formed the basis of his book known as Greater Britain. This book provided a justificatory imperialist ideology through presenting Britons as a benevolent master race. Despite this ideology he was an avowed social radical and gained office as the Liberal member of parliament for Chelsea. He was even considered as a likely replacement for Gladstone before he was cited as an adulterer in an infamous divorce case in 1886. He helped to organise the first Labour politicians in to forming an influential presence in British politics. Additional Imperial works include Problems of Greater Britain printed in 1890, and The British Empire printed in 1899. relies solely on the generosity of its visitors and supporters to finance itself. If you can spare any donation, of any size, it will be greatly appreciated. Better yet, if you are able to become a regular subscriber you can help ensure that this site expands and improves and remains accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Thank you for supporting
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