Quarter Guard 1907

The corporal and three privates in dismounted full dress stand between two sergeants and a man who may be a trumpeter.  The sergeant on the left of the picture is in a blue patrol jacket with white gloves and a pouch-belt.  This last item had been discontinued except for musicians so he is probably wearing it to signify his role of duty sergeant.  At the other end of the line is a sergeant in scarlet dress tunic but wearing a forage cap.  The three forage caps in the picture are blue with a black cap-band.  They replaced the Broderick cap which was worn between 1902 and 1905, and was a peakless version of the forage cap.  

The man next to this sergeant has a pouch-belt which would indicate that he is a trumpeter or musician but they normally wore yellow aiguillettes on their left shoulder.  It appears that his right hand is un-gloved while his left hand looks as if it has a short white glove and is holding a walking-out cane.

Regiment | Uniforms


by Stephen Luscombe