In Collaboration With Charles Griffin

Private, 1690 Mounted Private, 1742
Officer, 1745
Private, 1751 Private, 1796
Mounted Officer, 1800
Officer's Jacket, c1810 Private, 1812
Helmet, 1812
Major 1813 Sergeant-Major c1823
Officer in Review Order, c1825
Private, 1829 Officer, c1832
Sergeant 1832
Private 1832 Officer's Coatee, c1835
Troop Sergeant-Major 1838
Corporal 1845 Officer Stable Dress c1846
Lieutenant-Colonel 1854
Regimental Sergeant-Major 1855 Depot Troop 1863
Sergeant-Major c1865
Officer's Helmet pre-1871 Officer's Helmet, post 1871
Other Ranks' Helmet, post 1871
Sergeant, Dismounted Review Order c1873 Other Ranks, Egypt 1882
Mounted Field Officer, 1888
Museum Exhibit of Officer's Uniform Officer in Drill Order c1895
Officer's Mess Dress
Corporal with Lance c1898 Private, Review order 1899
Squadron Sergeant-Major, Boer War
Officer's Undress Uniform c1904 Other Ranks 1906
Quarter Guard 1907
NCO Group 1907 Other Ranks 1906

Regimental details


by Stephen Luscombe