Use the menu to the side to see the uniforms of the units for units across the Empire. They are divided according to where they were raised and what kind of unit they were. It is hoped that it will be added to and increased over time. If you have any requests or any photos or prints that you would like to see on these pages then please email me at stephen@britishempire.co.uk

There were many types of uniform and each unit could have multiple uniforms to suit the variety of occasions and ranks within that unit. Officers, NCOs and Rank and File soldiers would each have their own uniform. Additionally, there were uniforms for use in the field, in barracks, whilst marching and on ceremonial occasions. There might then be specialist uniforms for specialist soldiers within that unit. Of course, these units would evolve with contemporary fashions and according to military changes in doctrine. Over time, a unit could have dozens of different uniforms taking all of the above factors into account.

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