Field Marshal Sir George Howard KB

Born on 17th June 1718 the son of Thomas Howard the previous Colonel of the Buffs. He was commissioned into the 24th Foot, of which his father was Colonel, in 1725, at the age of 7, but did not join the regiment until he was 18. As a lieutenant-colonel he commanded the Buffs at the battle of Fontenoy. He fought in the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion, at Falkirk and Culloden and was accused of treating the highlanders too harshly. He also took part in the raid on Rochefort in 1757 and commanded a brigade at the battle of Warburg in 1760. He died on 16th July 1796. The portrait is by Sir Joshua Reynolds c1774 and a copy was made by James Northcote, assistant to Reynolds. It was said of George Howard "that he was a man universally esteemed, highly bred and a gallant soldier; but he owed his military elevation and employment more perhaps to Royal favour than to any distinguished talents of professional services."

1749 Colonel of the 3rd Foot (The Buffs) 21 Aug 1789 - 12 May 1763
1761 MP for Lostwithiel 1761 -1766
1763 Colonel of the 7th Dragoons 13 May 1763 - 20 April 1779
1766 Governor of Minorca 1766 -1768
1768 MP for Stamford 1768 - 1796
1768 Governor of The Royal Hospital 1768 - 1795
1779 Colonel of the 1st Kings Dragoon Guards 21 April 1779 - 17 July 1796
1793 Promoted to Field Marshal
1795 Privy Councillor
1795 Governor of Jersey 1795 - 1796

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by Stephen Luscombe