The Gordons

Lieutenant Alexander Dunlop Best

Lieutenant Dunlop Best was killed in action on a train 4 miles north of Naboom Spruiton 4th july 1901. ╩The train was traveling from Pretoria to Pietersburg when it was ambushed and wrecked. Dunlop Best was in command of the escort and he refused to surrender. ╩They were all killed or wounded. ╩Alexander Archibald Dunlop Best was born in May 1879 the only son of A V Dunlop Best. ╩He was educated at Haileybury and Eton after which he entered the 2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders in April 1899. ╩Promotion to Lieutenant quickly followed in October by which time the battalion had arrived at Natal from India.

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by Stephen Luscombe