Fort St. George and Madras

The English East India Company set up a fort in Madras in 1640. They were in fierce commercial competition with the Dutch and the French for Supremacy in south-eastern India. It would take some 14 years before the fort was completed. It would prove a remarkably sturdy construction and would soon be put to the test repelling an attack by the Mughal Governor, Mir Jumla.

Plan of Fort, 1700 Prospect of Fort, 1710
Plan of Fort, c1726
Plan of Fort, 1746 Fort St George, 1794
View of Fort, 1785
A View from the King's Barracks, 1804 Pagoda, 1807
Fort Square, 1807
Madras, 1807 St Thome Street, 1807
A view of the North Street, 1807
Western Entrance, 1820 Government House, 1820
Assembly Rooms, 1820
The Armenian Bridge, 1820 Southwest View of Fort, 1820
Black Town, 1820
Entrance to Fort St. George, 1820 Trade and Custom House, 1824
Merchants' Building, 1829
Lord Bentinck's, 1841 A European house, 1841
A European house, 1841
Hindu Pilgrims, 1841 St. Mary's Church, 1841

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