Restoration Clothing

The restoration of King Charles II saw a return to the more flowery style of the Stuart monarchs. The King had brought many of the styles of the countries that he had been forced to spend his exile in, particularly France and the Low Countries. There was still a residual puritan style for many in England - they were not all happy to see the return of the monarch and all that he stood for. Indeed, they would eventually conspire to help remove the Stuart brother of Charles in 1688 which would make yet another turn in fashion style in England. Of course, in the more isolated American colonies, these fashion changes across the Atlantic often went unnoticed. Generally in the northern American colonies, the puritan styles would continue to predominate. The southern colonies were quicker and keener to take on some of the restoration styles.

Prince James, 1661 Anne Hyde, 1661
Princess Anne, c1685


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by Stephen Luscombe