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Triang O.C.P.D.s Armoured Train

The most unusual characteristic about Triang District was that I had under my direct command an armoured train. This comprised a large steam engine in the middle with a steel armoured box car with weapon slits at each end. Then at each end of the armoured box cars were two flat wagons piled with sand-bags to take the force of explosion should the communists mine the track to try to blow us up. Steam was up and ready to go for any emergency almost anytime. The oven-like heat inside the steel armoured box cars under the blazing sun was unbelievable leaving one drenched in sweat-soaked uniform. Amusing to think of the extremes – the opulent luxury of MEDLOC travel and the extreme discomfort of the “Triang Express”. Such was life in a dangerous era long past.

These two pictures show the Officer Commanding Police District's Armoured Train at Kemayan Railway Station.

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