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Sergeant Gibb and the Sikhs at Daratoleh

This woodcut shows Major Gough, Sergeant Gibb and the Sikhs at Daratoleh. The one Maxim gun at the battle was handled by Armourer-Sergeant Allan Gibb, Army Ordnance Corps and attached to 2 KAR. You can see him in the centre of the picture.  He had already been cited for coolness and bravery in battle during the Second Expedition.  Gibb and his gun team regularly moved the Maxim and ammunition to whichever face of the square needed support, cutting down groups of attackers.  The effective volley-fire of the riflemen kept the enemy at a distance of 20 metres from the square and bayonets did not have to be used.  However after four hours of fighting several officers and men were down and ammunition was running low. Captain Godfrey was one of the dead.  Gough issued a warning order for a fighting withdrawal. Picture courtesy of Kaiser's Cross

Captain Allan Gibb Article

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