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Dunnottar Castle

This photograph shows the Union-Castle vessel under way at Beira. Dunnottar Castle was originally built by Harland & Wolff of Belfast in 1936 as the Union-Castle liner Dunnottar Castle. She had a gross tonnage of 15,054 tons. She departed on her maiden voyage from Southampton to Cape Town in July 1936. Upon her return, she commenced her regular service, Tilbury (London) - Africa and serving as a supply ship for St. Helena.

At the outbreak of the war, Dunnottar Castle was converted into an armed merchant cruiser by the Royal Navy. She departed on her first tour of duty on 14 October 1939. In 1942, she commenced duties as a troop ship until 1948, when she was decommissioned from Naval service. She immediately received a comprehensive overhaul and resumed her London to Africa service in 1949, which continued for the next nine years.

Image Courtesy of National Maritime Museum

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