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Rev Canon Arthur Margöschis

Rev Canon Arthur Margöschis (1852-1908) of Leamington, Warwickshire. London medical student who gave up his final year when recruited by Caldwell for the Tirunelveli mission. St Augustin's College, Canterbury. He arrived at Madras with Caldwell in 1875. Deacon 1877. Nazareth 1877-1908 (Priest 1880). An adherent of the Oxford Movement. Fellow of Madras University 1894. "A remarkable instance of the work of a solitary unmarried missionary is to be found in Nazareth" in the medical, industrial, educational and evangelical labour being organised and to a large extent created by Canon Margöschis ["The East & West", Archbishop of Brisbane's article, Jan 1904]. Awarded the Kaisar-i-Hind Medal 1901. He died at Nazareth "after 31 years faithful and successful labour" there. A dedicated and ambitious priest of the high church persuasion with medical training, but severely handicapped by asthma. Relations with his neighbouring missionary colleagues were under strain in his early days due his tendency to make 'slanderous' criticisms of them behind their backs.

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