Bwana Karani

Farewell To Our Darling Conrad

October 10th (1956) was a day of joy
For to us was born our second boy:
Of angelic beauty, but frail physique
Yet destined to live in the world so bleak.

For months past birth we ne'er knew
That his days with us would be so few
Until one day our hearts were torn
When his troubles to us a specialist made known

A congenital heart is what he had
The thought of which could drive one mad
But bravely and patiently he struggled through
Hoping that someday he'd be fit anew.

Despite his health he travelled afar
By plane and truck and motor car:
Oft a spell in hospital he spent
Striving hard for life under an oxygen tent.

From the N.F.D. to Kisii with us he came
Not knowing that here he'd always remain
The weather didn't suit, but he still ensured
That Mum and Dad and Clyde kept cheered.

A sad day 'twas when on January 3rd (1958)
For the last time his sweet voice we heard
He breathed his last – oh, so suddenly!
For you darling Conrad, we'll mourn unceasingly.

Bwana Karani: The Memoirs of Mervyn Maciel

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