Resettlement of Suspected Mau Mau Sympathisers in Tanganyika An Agriculturist's Involvement

Mau Mau Terrorists Attack in Tanganyika

As this story illustrates, the threat of the Mau Mau overspilling the border waas not merely an academic concern.

LONDON, Dec 25 1953 (A.A.P.).— Mau Mau terrorists struck for the first time in Tanganyika yester- day when they shot and hacked to death a family of five loyal Kikuyu.

Another Kikuyu man and a child staying with the family near Arusha, in the Northern Province, were attacked and are in hospital critically ill.

Police found another Kikuyu child crying over one of the bodies.

A police drive against Mau Mau suspects in the Arusha, Moshi and Mbulu districts of the Northern Province — the region which includes Mount Kilimanjaro— began on Wednesday.

About 8,000 Kikuyu live in the area, which lies nearest to the Mau Mau area in Kenya.

Police say there have been increasing signs of local native   contact with Kenya tribes.

The headquarters of the commandcr-in-chief of the anti-terrorist operations in Kenya, Sir George Erskine, announced yesterday that 100 Meru women attacked and punched a captive Mau Mau terrorist in the Karingari area of the Meru district of the southern foothills of Mount Kenya.

Black Watch troops and police patrols are tracking a gang of more than 50 Mau Mau terrorists which attacked and burnt a Kikuyu guard assembly post in the Eastern Aberdares.

The War Office announced on Wednesday that the War Minister, Antony Head, in- tends to spend part of the Parliamentary recess on a visit to Kenya. He expects to leave by air on January 12 and return about January 20

Picture courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald

Resettlement of Suspected Mau Mau Article

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