The British Empire and its effect on Plymouth

Crownhill Fort

Main Gate Main Gate
Original Drawbridge Replaced and Moat Filled In Here
South West Walls of Fort
View back to the Main Gate View of West Wall Showing Chemin de Ronde
Cannon Embrasures Covering North Moat
Counter Mining Gallery Opposite Caponier Sally Port, Caponier, Counter Mining Gallery
Sally Port
View of East Wall with Upper Gun Emplacements View of East Wall with Upper Gun Emplacements
Entrance Way From Interior
Main Parade Ground View of Interior of Crownhill Fort
Parade Ground From South-East
Parade Ground From West Parade Ground From South-West
View From the West Ramparts
View To South-West From North Rampart View To North From North Rampart
View To Eastern Ramparts and Gun Emplacements
32 Pounder Cannon Moncrieff Counterweight Disappearing Gun
Moncrieff Counterweight Disappearing Gun
2 Pounder Horse Artillery Gun 32 Pounder Gun Being Fired
32 Pdr In Front of Soldiers' Quarters
32 Pounder Smooth Bore Gun Parade Ground From Soldiers' Quarters
Block, Tackle and Ramrods
View of Soldier's Quarters Officers' Quarters
Officers' Quarters' Chimneys
Victorian Era Barracks World War Two Era Barracks
Military Graffiti
Military Graffiti The Main Magazine

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