What Mr Sanders Really Did

Post Scripts

Arthur was not the only person to lose his job over the Masai moves. Sir Percy Girouard resigned. It is also sad to note that Dr Norman Leys died six years after Arthur - also of Tuberculosis.

Many years passed and my mother, Arthur Collyer's Niece, found herself in 1945 living in Narok, District Headquarters of the Masai area in which the tribe had lived since 1911. One day a very old man arrived int he boma looking for the Collyon's relative whom he wished to salute in Arthur's memory.

It was not just the European farmers who gained from the Masai move from Laikipia. The Samburu tribe, long harrassed by the Masai had found themselves steadily being pushed northwards. There are many scenes of bloody battles still named and remembered. Since the Masai moved south the Samburu and the ranchers have coexisted in relative harmony.

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