Tales of Colonial Policeman in Northern Rhodesia


My squad 39/60 after our passing out parade but before we had dumped our "Bombay bowler" as we called the pith helmet of our full dress uniform.

I'm the third from right back row, just in front of flagpole, the chap immediately to my right was the chap who couldn't march particularly well. I believe he went on to the Bermuda police after independence. The second from the left, middle row I believe went on to the HKP, finishing up as a Chief superintendent, he appeared briefly on a tv program I saw about the HKP in the late '70s to early '80s when he was a chief inspector of a border station in the new territories. The second from left, front row with the pace stick is the legendary "Chieffy" Oliver, The senior instructor, ex SM British Army & Palestine police. The two on his left were the 2 i/c & the CO of the training school. They are carrying leather bound & silver mounted swagger sticks only issued to SPO's. My room mate, ex-BSAP is middle row, 2nd from right. The other instructors in the front row were on the extreme left. Our drill instructor who only replaced the ex Grenadier a week or so before our passing out, nicknamed "piggy" for obvious reasons. The man on the extreme right was our Law instructor ex-RUC and on his right was our language instructor, now secretary to the ex-NRP association. As the character "Pringle" had been backsquaded he is not in the photo.

Tales of Colonial Policeman in Northern Rhodesia

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by Stephen